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What's The Difference
We're Continually Evolving
This website was made by successful students for successful students. The difference is in our attitude. We believe in continual improvement. The cue cards and categories on this website are continually evolving to reflect the needs of the student body. Feedback from our students is encouraged! We listen, and want to make a product that works for you.
"THANK YOU! I felt like I had hit a wall with my studying and was just doing the same things over and over. Your flashcards were exactly what I needed in this last push for passing NPlex!"
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We're Unique and Portable
One of the pillars of Naturopathic medicine is individualized care, but we also believe in individualized study approaches. Some people need cue cards. Some people need their NPLEX resources to be portable. Carrying 3000+ cue cards to the library, school, or coffee shop is just not feasible… until now. This website provides the most comprehensive list of questions currently on the market. Best of all, with over 150 sub-categories, such as ECG tests or Esophageal Pathologies, you can refine your study deck to be as specific as you want!
We’re Making Information Manageable
Have you found learning Bot. med and Pharm. monographs cumbersome and overwhelming? You’re not alone! That’s why we break down our categories into specialized sub-categories such as: Name the Botanical, Name the Medication, or Name the Homeopathic Remedy. These categories allow you to digest 2-3 high yield facts at a time, rather than being bombarded by actions and side effects.
We’re the Best of ALL Worlds
These cue cards can be used as a stand-alone study guide, an adjunct to popular NPLEX guides, or as a measure of assessing your current understanding of a given topic. How well did you learn the common pediatric infections? Find out by reviewing the equally named sub-category.
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